Английский язык с Крестным Отцом

Английский язык с Крестным Отцом
Английский язык с Крестным Отцом

Год публикации: 2006
Ключевые слова:
Илья Франк
Илья Михайлович Франк



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Английский язык с Крестным Отцом


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Mario Puzo
The Godfather Book 2

Chapter 12 Johnny Fontane waved a casual dismissal to the manservant and said, "See you in
the morning, Billy." The colored butler bowed his way out of the huge dining room-living
room with its view of the Pacific Ocean. It was a friendly-good-bye sort of bow, not a
servant's bow, and given only because Johnny Fontane had company for dinner.
Johnny's company was a girl named Sharon Moore, a New York City Greenwich
Village girl in Hollywood to try for a small part in a movie being produced by an old
flame who had made the big time. She had visited the set while Johnny was acting in
the Woltz movie. Johnny had found her young and fresh and charming and witty, and
had asked her to come to his place for dinner that evening. His invitations to dinner
were always famous and had the force of royalty and of course she said yes.