Smudge The Stolen Kitten

Smudge The Stolen Kitten
Smudge The Stolen Kitten

ISBN: 9781847152770
Год публикации: 2012
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Обыкновенные кошки
Holly Webb
Holly Webb


Кошки, Домашние животные

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For Robin

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Copyright Chapter One

There was the sound of a whistle blowing. “Ben Williams and Rob Ford! Get down from there right now!”

Olivia looked up and groaned. Mrs Mackintosh sounded as if she’d yelled right in Olivia’s ear, even though she was on the other side of the playground.

“What have Ben and Rob done now?” her friend Lucie asked.

“Something awful, as usual,” Olivia muttered, as they ran across the playground to see what was going on. Her big brother Ben was always in trouble at school – which wasn’t fair, because all the teachers either thought that meant Olivia was naughty too, or that she ought to have stopped him. As if he’d listen to her! And his friend Rob was even...