A Kitten Called Tiger

A Kitten Called Tiger
A Kitten Called Tiger

ISBN: 9781847158666
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Обыкновенные кошки
Holly Webb
Holly Webb


Домашние животные, Кошки

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For Angel and Poppy – two adventurous cats!



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Copyright “Ava! Come on, wake up. Look at this!” Mum held up her phone in front of Ava’s nose and Ava squinted at the photo on the screen sleepily. Then she sat bolt upright in bed and grabbed

the phone. Ever since her parents had agreed to getting a kitten, Ava had been scanning the local animal shelter’s website and checking the noticeboard in the supermarket. But no one seemed to have any kittens in need of homes – until now.

“Oh! They’re gorgeous! Mum, are they real? I mean, are they for sale? Can we go and see them?” The photo showed a litter of kittens snuggled up in a cardboard box – it wasn’t a very big one but they’d obviously all decided it was the best place to sleep ever. Ava was almost sure there were four but it was quite...