The Homeless Kitten

The Homeless Kitten
The Homeless Kitten

ISBN: 9781847158574
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Обыкновенные кошки
Holly Webb
Holly Webb


Домашние животные, Кошки

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For everyone who has adopted a cat or kitten from a shelter – you are fabulous!


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Copyright “You’re coming with me, Lily? Are you sure?” Dad grinned at her, widening his eyes and pretending to be shocked.

“I like the sound of a walk with you and Hugo in the woods. It’ll be nice and cool under the trees. Anyway –” Lily made a face back at him – “I’d come with you more often if you didn’t go so fast. You’ve both got really long legs and I haven’t.” Lily reached down to rub the dog’s soft creamy white ears. “Yes, you do, don’t you? Great big long legs.” She looked up at Dad. “You’re not planning on one of your five-mile hikes, are you?” she asked suspiciously.

Dad laughed. “No, not in this weather – it’s too hot for a long walk now. Anyway, I took Hugo out running with me early this...