Sammy The Shy Kitten

Sammy The Shy Kitten
Sammy The Shy Kitten

ISBN: 9781847157546
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Обыкновенные кошки
Holly Webb
Holly Webb


Домашние животные, Кошки

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Copyright “See you later, Mum!” Emma waved as her mum drove off down the bumpy lane that led to Ivy Bank Stables. She was looking forward to seeing her best friend Keira, but she would see most of her riding-class friends at school on Monday. Really she wanted to say hello to the ponies, and the cats that lived at the stables, too.

Emma didn’t always see the cats – they were all very shy, almost wild. She wasn’t even sure how many of them there were, no one was. Liz, who owned the riding school, said she thought there were five. But Emma was almost certain there were six, and that the skinny ginger cat was actually two skinny ginger cats. Once she thought she’d seen him strolling along the roof of the feed store only seconds after he’d been sunbathing out by the...