The Cat Who Went Up The Creek

The Cat Who Went Up The Creek
The Cat Who Went Up The Creek

ISBN: 9780515135800
Год публикации: 2002
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Обыкновенные кошки
Lilian Jackson Braun


Детектив, Кошки

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Pickax's favorite columnist,
James Qwilleran, is enjoying a
brief holiday in the nearby town
of Black Creek - but his two
Siamese, who prefer the
spaciousness of their home, beg to differ. The blissful tranquility
is soon interrupted by the
discovery of a body floating
down the creek. And a possible
motive for his murder is
suggested when several gold nuggets are found in his
possession. Might he have been
illegally prospecting for gold? If
so, it seems he wasn't the only
one in search of an easy fortune.
And his competitor is far more determined to strike it rich...