Lost In The Storm

Lost In The Storm
Lost In The Storm

ISBN: 9781847152633
Год публикации: 2012
Авторская серия: Holly webb animal stories(№1)
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Обыкновенные кошки
Holly Webb
Holly Webb


Домашние животные, Кошки

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For Tom
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Fluff the kitten was lying in her basket on her back, showing off her furry tummy and snoring a little. She wasn’t deeply asleep, just dozing, with her paws tucked under her chin. Her little body only took up one corner of the basket. Fluff was getting bigger, just not very fast. The basket was in a patch of winter sunshine, and it was deliciously cosy. She was planning to spend as much of the afternoon as possible like this. She needed to keep her energy up, after all, for when Ella got home from school and wanted to play.
Ella’s mum walked past, and Fluff opened one eye thoughtfully. Was there any chance of a snack? Ella’s mum reached down to tickle her behind the ears. She hadn’t wanted Ella to have a cat at first. When...