Purrfect Revenge

Purrfect Revenge
Purrfect Revenge

Год публикации: 2017
Авторская серия: Mysteries of max(№1)
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Говорящие кошки
Nic Saint
Nic Saint


Детектив, Кошки

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Purrfect Revenge The Mysteries of Max 3 Nic Saint Puss in Print Publications


Purrfect Revenge
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Excerpt from Purrfect Heat (The Mysteries of Max 4)
Also by Nic Saint
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Blorange tabby Max and ragamuffin Dooley are on the case again. This time a world-famous reality star has been found murdered in her own bed, and it looks like the crime just might be terror-related. The Kenspeckles, stars of the well-known reality show Keeping Up with the Kenspeckles, are in town to film a new season of their show, so the case soon turns into a...