A Grizzly Discovery

A Grizzly Discovery
A Grizzly Discovery

Год публикации: 2017
Ключевые слова: Второстепенные герои кошки Говорящие кошки
Samantha Silver
Samantha Silver


Детектив, Кошки

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Angela's not out of the woods yet...

When a woman is found dead in the forest outside Willow Bay, apparently attacked by a bear, local veterinarian - and witch - Angela Martin is asked for her expertise. By all accounts the woman looks like a bear attack victim, but Angela just knows something feels off.

Unfortunately, when the woman's death is declared accidental, Angela knows she's the only person who can find the real killer and stop a murderer on the loose - and stop the newfound fear of bears that's Willow Bay by storm.

Meanwhile, Angela's been trying to avoid Matt Smith, who blames her for ruining his real estate deal, and what on earth is Bee up to, sneaking out of the house all the time?

When trouble comes to Willow Bay, things are never as simple as they seem...

A Grizzly Discovery is the fifth book in the Willow Bay Witches series of paranormal cozy mysteries. It's a full-length novel full of funny and sarcastic best friends, a touch of magic, a snarky talking cat and a little bit of romance.