Purrfect Alibi

Purrfect Alibi
Purrfect Alibi

Год публикации: 2019
Авторская серия: The mysteries of max(№1)
Ключевые слова: Главные герои кошки Говорящие кошки
Nic Saint


Детектив, Кошки

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Purrfect Alibi The Mysteries of Max - Book 3 Prologue Marge Poole surveyed the scene. She wondered if they’d set out enough chairs. The event she was staging was without a doubt the biggest and most ambitious one she’d ever taken on. Even though the Hampton Cove library had been remodeled five years ago with exactly this kind of literary event in mind, and a small conference room had been added for writers to hold readings, Marge had never expected ever to land the bestselling thriller writer in the world for one of her Author of the Month evenings.
But there he was. Chris Ackerman. Author of such bestsellers as The Connor Conundrum and The Dixon Dilemma. America’s favorite writer and the most-borrowed author of all time. The scribe was seated on the small stage, peering through his reading glasses and going over his notes, an expensive-looking golden fountain pen poised in his hand. When he noticed Marge nervously bustling about, he fixed his pale blue...